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McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR)

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release

Many people have scars from operations or accidents, perhaps from many years ago.  But what people don’t understand is the profound effect these scars can have on the surrounding tissues and structures, even many years after the original event.  Sometimes it can be the key to unlocking other intractable issues that someone may have like a bad back or stiff shoulder that perhaps seem unrelated to the original scar in any way.

The fascia of the body is the interconnected and continual ‘webbing’ that holds us all together, and a bit like a pair of tights it can get twisted or stuck in certain places.  The tightly bound collagen fibres of scar tissue can inhibit free movement in the same way a tight shirt can restrict your movement.

The scar may be remote from the problem area and asymptomatic. For example, a scar from appendix surgery can cause shoulder restrictions or low back discomfort. A scar on the toe or foot can affect hip, knee and low back function.

Bio-energetic model

Then there are energy pathways described in Traditional Chinese Medicine (called ‘meridians’) which are interrupted by scarring. The inhibit the flow of Qi (Chi). The importance of the flow of Qi is essential in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a major fundamental component of health.

If we take one example of a very common surgery, a transverse C-section, can interrupt perhaps 5 or 6 different energy pathways.

From case study reports we know other health problems, such as acid reflux or other gastric problems, can improve from the treatment of the C-section. Other improvements can include bowel disorders and headaches – all from treating the C-section scar. 

But don’t take my word for it, hear what one client had to say who came to me having had three Caesarean Sections over the years, complaining of low back pain and sharp pains when she moved suddenly in her abdomen.  

For her the Scar Tissue work was life-changing:

Prior to starting MSTR my ovulation and period cramps would be crippling, and my moods/emotional wellbeing would be chronically impacted in the lead up to my period starting. I also had lower back pain most days and no feeling in and around my C-Section scar. 

After the initial session my body felt lighter, I could feel tingling along my scar and it felt like a release of energy had happened. 

During the block of sessions and following there has been a significant improvement in my ovulation pain and while my period cramping has not disappeared it’s nowhere near as debilitating. 

My emotional wellbeing has greatly improved. Anxiety has always been a constant since having my eldest 15 years ago and I truly believe that having MSTR has allowed me to release some of the fear and anxiety which had been trapped following a very traumatic birth for both of us. 

I feel very strongly that MSTR should be provided to all women post birth/c-section delivery. 

I can’t thank you enough for the expertise and empathy you provided throughout our time together. You are saved in my contact list as Adelia Magic-Hands, and I recommend you to everyone!”

Kate H

Emotional and psychological effects

“The body keeps the score”.  I don’t know if you’ve ever heard that phrase but in all my 30 years experience of massage I have come to see how true that is.  All our experiences are held in the body at the cellular level.  I have noticed that massage often releases feelings as people are reconnected with themselves and their experiences.. but this is even stronger with the MSTR work as scars are often related to quite traumatic events – whether that is accidents or mastectomies or difficult birth experiences.  So a scar can bring up feelings of fear, anger, hate or self-disgust which are often released during the session.  It’s very profound and wonderful to see – and once these ‘trapped’ feelings are released they don’t return: you are free.

All these reasons – and more – mean that you really shouldn’t ignore the effects of scars.

Now you can learn how to address those scars effectively and efficiently.

What types of scar is MSTR® suitable for?

MSTR® can be applied to several surgical scars such as:

  • Caesarean or C-Section scars
  • Mastectomy scars
  • Hysterectomy scar
  • Hip, knee and other joint replacement scars
  • Appendix and abdominal scars
  • Amputations

Scars as a result of trauma such as:

  • Cuts
  • Bullet wounds

And can also be used to assist:

  • Underlying scar tissue from muscle injuries
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Dupuytren’s contracture

Are there any contraindications to MSTR®?

Your scar must be completely healed and at least 8 weeks old. If surgical mesh has been used, then this would mean that MSTR® cannot be used. If you have any questions as to whether this would be suitable for your scar(s) please do not hesitate to contact me .

How long does a MSTR® session take?

The first appointment will be up to 45 minutes to allow time for a Case History to be taken.  Thereafter appointments will be up to 30 minutes depending on the size and history of the scarring.

How many MSTR® sessions will I need?

Everyone and every scar responds differently so there is no definitive answer. Some issues resolve after only one session but others may require several treatments to obtain the desired changes. If however, you have had three sessions and have felt no change in sensation then it is unlikely I would be able to help.

How much will it cost?

The first session will be £45.  Follow up sessions are £30.


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