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Find below some reviews from our wonderful clients

D Rughani

“I'm not someone who indulges much in health remedies unless I'm physically unwell, but when I sought Adelia out for a massage, I found myself a genuine convert to self-care. I had two massages about a month apart and each was offered with great attention to detail. Adelia's massage involves two aspects. First it's a massage into deep muscle tissue, which was perfect for me as I seem to store much tension there, particularly around my neck and shoulders. The second aspect is the use of acupressure along the energy meridians, so central to Chinese medicine. The deep tissue massage relieved the tension but also made observable some areas that were quite painful. Adelia progressed carefully in these areas, using acupressure to skillfully probe more deeply. I have to say some of it was just little painful, but it was the sort of pain that you know is doing you good. I left each session feeling slightly sensitive, but as time passed, I found my body feeling lighter and my stance more upright. In particular I noticed I wasn't so hunched up around my shoulders and felt more flexible. It's a few days later now and I can still feel the benefits! All I can say that this felt like a medicinal massage (if there is such a thing) and I not only recommend it but will surely be returning myself.”

L A’ Court

“A friend recommended Adelia as she had successfully removed lumps and bumps in his hand/palm similar to some I had. I have only had 2 sessions so far but but already my hand is improved. I have also taken the opportunity to have full body massages at the same time and she is excellent at zeroing in on problem areas. Also lovely to chat with. Highly recommended!”

D Aufenast

“Adelia just seems to know and can feel what the body needs to bring about wellness. A massage from Adelia is deep and penetrating while at the same time it’s gentle and tender. My body trusts that under Adelia’s massaging hands it will be relieved of its underlying pain and stiffness and feels energised and revived by that time of massage.”

J Cartwright

“Adelia has helped me MASSIVELY, so very happy to sing her praises. She is amazing, and quiet at massage… HOLISTIC to the core!”

A Snelling

"I had booked a massage with Adelia as a result of chronic stiffness, aching and pain in my neck and shoulders. I needed some help. Over the course of several weeks, I have noticed increasing benefits from the careful and attentive treatment that Adelia provides, and now regard these regular sessions as essential for my physical (and general) wellbeing. The sensation of massage itself combined with a focus on the rythm of breathing brings about a calmness of mind, a deep state of relaxation and really becomes a form of meditation. Highly recommended."

F Hillier

"I have had two fabulous massages with Adelia. She used her extensive experience and knowledge as well as her own intuition to hone in on the areas that needed attention, which even I wasn't aware of! She is totally professional, caring and thorough, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as a massage therapist."

B Mayo

“A few years ago, when I was in a very low place, I went looking for help among the cards and leaflets in a wholefood shop. I wrote down two numbers. The first didn’t reply – thank Heaven. The second was Adelia. Adelia’s massages are only surpassed by her intuitive skills as a healer. When I went to see her for massage I didn’t expect my life turned around or new possibilities opening before me in the way they did. Her generosity in sharing her experience and what she has learnt, in pointing me in new directions, the giving of her time and self, her natural listening and perceptive skills combine with her ability to tune into the deep rhythms of life and promote healing wherever it is needed, in whatever way is optimal for the client. I have always felt safe with Adelia, never judgemental, always empathetic and willing to understand and allow, she has been a wonderful therapist, teacher and travelling companion.”

J Pankhurst

As someone with backache, neck ache and headaches… I’m very cautious about whom I let touch me! From the very start I had complete confidence in Adelia — she is so professional, calm and unhurried, I find myself relaxing just listening to her. Adelia’s style of massage always leaves me, not only relaxed and peaceful but also with a wonderful sense of well being — I love it. I recommend you book an appointment straightaway.

M Fearon

I would certainly like to recommend Adelia to everyone. I have received massages from many practitioners over the years and I can honestly say that Adelia’s is truly fab. For me the true test of an excellent massage is whether or not the bits that hurt stop hurting afterwards, bits I didn’t even realise were hurting also got attention and that the relaxation involves a degree of dozing off towards the end. All boxes ticked as they say… Thank you. Blissful.

N Page

Adelia provides a very professional and friendly service and was able to incorporate a brilliant massage with focusing on a knee injury. The results were great so I’ll definitely be booking in another visit soon.

M Rogers

I am only too pleased to tell anyone how much your treatments have changed my life over the years. The pain relief your massages have given has been unsurpassed and it is always followed by the best of sleeps. I always look forward to my next session.

J Watts

Adelia’s hands are the solution to at least half my problems; I leave feeling completely nourished in both body and spirit. If you want a deep, searching and healing treatment, this is the answer.

H O'Neil

Adelia has amazing hands, and a very rare combination of strength and sensitivity.