January 9, 2024

How to Feel Epic!!!

In an ideal world we would all get regular massage as part of our basic healthcare package – maybe not every day as Hippocrates suggested – but at least once a week.  It makes a big difference.  Most people have a massage every now and again as a treat and although it is beneficial, it is nowhere near as effective as getting regular treatments – particularly weekly, because at this level one can start to build on the ‘work’ done in the previous session so that it is possible for the body to actually start reversing long held postural and systemic conditions.

I have seen this over and over again.  I used to live and work in Devon and had an organic farmer who came to me for massage.  When he first came he was literally like wood – I mean like a tree – completely stiff and inflexible.  His joints were stiff, his neck scarcely moved at all and everything creaked.  Initially he came to me once a week – for a couple of months – and it was very rewarding to see him gradually loosening up and flexibility returning to his joints. (Massage can actually stimulate synovial fluid production helping joints to become more flexible) His neck (ruined by years of tractor driving) began to rotate for the first time in years and he felt increased energy, slept better and felt more positive about his life.  It was like watching someone come back to life.  Finally, he found his maintenance dose which was roughly once a fortnight… and he stayed with me until I moved to Norwich!

Last year I had a client who was asking me how often people came and when I said that some come weekly, he asked why anyone would come once a week. So, I decided to ask one of my weekly clients what his answer to that would be?  He replied with a boyish grin – “to feel epic”.  Great answer!  Most of us just about get through life, but we could all be feeling a lot better.  We could have more energy and resilience… so crucial in our modern very busy lives.

So, yes, massage is expensive but I think it should be seen as necessary maintenance and money well spent, because it is likely that you will find you have more energy in your daily life, and actually enjoy your life more because you feel more resourced to meet the daily challenges.  Just taking an hour out of your week on a regular basis to bring yourself back to a state of total relaxation is incredibly beneficial and over time your body will get better at maintaining that state on its own.  As nearly all dis-ease starts with stress this is time well spent.

So why not make a commitment to take care of yourself and your health this year with regular massage treatments, and contact me today!