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Welcome to The Art of Massage in Norwich

So you have arrived at this website.
Maybe you are just curious.
Maybe you are feeling a bit stiff and achy and are wondering if a massage could actually help. Maybe you have had a lot of massage before and know that you enjoy it but are looking for a new therapist or new experience.
Or maybe you haven’t had good experiences in the past and are wondering if it is possible to have a good massage!

Read on my friend … read on …

Adelia Tisdall

I am practicing at The Complementary Health Care Clinic in Norwich

To find out more, or to book an appointment, phone me now on 07835 516188

Southern enterprise awards 2023

Southern Enterprise Award

Best Holistic Massage Therapist 2023 (Norwich): Adelia Tisdall

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Massage Therapies

Therapeutic massage banner

Therapeutic Massage

Working on physical & subtle aspects of the body-mind to eliminate deeply held tension and bring you back into state of equilibrium.


Usually (unless contra-indicated) I like to use essential oils to enhance the massage experience. These oils have specific healing properties.
Face massage

Rejuvanessence Facial Massage

Gentle, profoundly relaxing treatment giving the facial muscles a natural lift!
Indian head massage

Indian Head Massage

A mix of vigorous and relaxing strokes to release tension in the head, neck and shoulders.


Learn how to dialogue with your body through the felt-sense.
Hopi ear candling

Hopi Ear Candling

This process is extremely relaxing and there is a delicious feeling of warmth in the ears and a balancing of the pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This is a gentle, flowing, rhythmic massage. In any form, it can be applied to a wide range of pathologies, to great effect.
Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage

The massage will involve your whole body, including massaging your bump, unless this is something you are not comfortable with.
McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR)

This is a therapy technique designed for the treatment and management of scar tissue.

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My Google Reviews

Mike WildMike Wild
16:36 17 Jan 24
Adelia is excellent. Always feel better for a massage with her
Heike SHeike S
20:41 03 Dec 23
Have had a few massages with Adelia now - my favourite in Norwich. She is super intuitive and works along the mind-body-spirit nexus. It's really deep work, so much appreciated!
Piere JamalPiere Jamal
17:07 29 Nov 23
Very helpful and healing treatments. Highly recommended for relaxation, health maintenance and post injury.
Jane K.Jane K.
12:49 21 Nov 23
I can highly recommend the therapeutic deep massage from Adelia, it gives a wonderful feeling of well-being and ease around the muscles.. very relaxing and effective.
Lucy ThielLucy Thiel
10:03 20 Nov 23
Adelia is super professional. Listens to your specific problems / requirements and is very knowledgeable about holistic health in general. The work space is very calming and peaceful. I would highly recommend a visit there.
Elaine Heyse-MooreElaine Heyse-Moore
21:33 18 Nov 23
E MooreAdelia is a gem of a massage therapist, and a gem of a person. I have regular sessions, and can’t sing her praises highly enough. I’m thankful to have found her.If you take a good look, the person that she is shines through her website. She’s wonderfully skilled in a whole range of massage therapies and lovely to be with. Her hands are just wonderful! - a rare combination of strength and sensitivity – and she seems to know just what’s needed.I’ve had a range of different treatments – soothing, deep massage, lymph drainage, short sessions and longer sessions – and l always leave feeling nourished and cared for, carrying the benefits of her massage sessions out into my life. She’s helped me with physical pains, and at times when l’ve been under lots of emotional stress, and I also learn a lot from her breadth and depth of knowledge about physiological and psychological aspects of health.In short, l value her hugely, and always look forward to my next session.
George BavinGeorge Bavin
07:08 17 Nov 23
Full of praise for the high quality of massage, together with her considered approach, that Adelia consistently provides. So much so that I keep going back
Maggie ClaridgeMaggie Claridge
21:08 16 Nov 23
A massage session with Adelia is a special treat as she has the intuitive knowledge and ability to go far deeper than just muscle and tissue. Within minutes of lying on her couch she will have found every knot you never knew you had in your body!Highly recommended.
Deborah SmithDeborah Smith
20:08 16 Nov 23
I have had several massages with Adelia, she is always professional, the room is clean, the atmosphere is relaxing and the massage is always very good. She is very experienced and knowledgeable about the body. I have had lots of massages over the years and she is one of the best.
Betty BoopBetty Boop
10:42 16 Nov 23
Adelia's massages are excellent, you do feel wonderful afterwards, and a state of balance and well being.
Tom PaineTom Paine
03:34 30 Aug 23
Was pleased to be able to visit Adelia's lovely space in the centre of town. Restful, calming environment to let go of my tension and enable Adelia to unknot all the built up work tension. Chatted a bit and came away with some excellent reading recommendations too! Thank you ☺️
Andrew SnellingAndrew Snelling
07:25 25 Jul 23
I had booked a massage with Adelia as a result of chronic stiffness, aching and pain in my neck and shoulders. I needed some help. Over the course of several weeks, I have noticed increasing benefits from the careful and attentive treatment that Adelia provides, and now regard these regular sessions as essential for my physical (and general) wellbeing. The sensation of massage itself combined with a focus on the rythm of breathing brings about a calmness of mind, a deep state of relaxation and really becomes a form of meditation. Highly recommended.
Laurie ALaurie A
14:36 31 Oct 22
A friend recommended Adelia as she had successfully removed lumps and bumps in his hand/palm similar to some I had. I have only had 2 sessions so far but but already my hand is improved. I have also taken the opportunity to have full body massages at the same time and Adelia is excellent at zeroing in on problem areas. Also lovely to chat with. Highly recommended
Gary RaynerGary Rayner
07:59 03 Jan 20
Very experienced and knowledgeable, her friendly attitude will make you feel at ease. Deserving of 5 stars I highly recommend.
Justina GervyteJustina Gervyte
20:34 20 Dec 19
I enjoyed a very intuitive massage and gentle attentive conversation in the meanwhile. Her kindness and attention felt nurturing deep in the bones. I trust to see her again and recommend her work when I can 🙂
Frances HillerFrances Hiller
08:48 01 Oct 18
I have had two fabulous massages with Adelia. She used her extensive experience and knowledge as well as her own intuition to hone in on the areas that needed attention, which even I wasn't aware of! She is totally professional, caring and thorough, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as a massage therapist.
11:59 08 Sep 18
Adelia is just fantastic. I hadn't much experience or trust in massage therapy before and because she is very experienced, confident and intuitive I am now a regular. Recommended. Neil